Focused on our clients

Dr. Christoph Lamby
Member of the Board of Management of R+V Versicherung AG

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"Form follows function!" We have structured our organisation according to this slogan:

Front Office

Our Front Office Team is our face to the client. Underwriting decisions are made here. "All business is local business!" This is why we are organized by country (resp. specialty line) in order to secure a solid market knowledge for you. The division handles also all reinsurance marketing activities.

Managing Director and Chief Underwriting Officer:
Andreas Beckmann

Phone: +49 611 533-6648
Fax: +49 611 533-776648

Accounting & Sales Support

The division is responsible for the whole accounting, supports the underwriting process, handles treaty administration and provide travel management.

Managing Director:
Jens Verheyen

Phone: +49 611 533-9499
Fax: +49 611 533-779499

Legal & Claims Support

Legal & Claims Support offers advice in all legal questions concerning our organisation. The focus of our operations is the assessment and drafting of contract wordings, litigation support as well as the systematic claims management.

Managing Director:
Dr. Thomas Ullrich

Phone: +49 611 533-3742
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Underwriting Support

Underwriting Support provides actuarial and cat modeling services. Participation offers are evaluated by a team of actuaries and geo scientists.

Managing Director:
Barbara Pitz

Phone: +49 611 533-23185
Fax: +49 611 533-7723185

Financial Department

The division consists of two departments:

  • Reporting for payment transactions, German-GAAP and IFRS technical accounting, actuarial reserve services as well as the controlling team of R+V Re.
  • The department Central Office for risk controlling (determination of risk capital), the development as well as the IT-support of R+V Re and the coordination of all projects for R+V Re.

Managing Director:
Dr. Matthias Maneth-Desrochers

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